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BioFen™ Hair Care Products Give Your Scalp Much Needed Vitamins For Healthy Hair. Bio-Fen Plus™ is a natural health product used in the treatment of hereditary androgenic alopecia (AGA) in adults (male or female pattern baldness).

Bio-Fen Plus
1510 Sutherland Dr.

Brooks, Alberta T1R1C2

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50 Lake Louise Dr

Brampton, Ontario L9T 2G5

Whole Health

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777 Bay Street, College Park

Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C8

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Thornhill, Ontario M3A 3M6


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298 Danforth Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N6

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Nature's Health Food

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3003 Danforth Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4C 1M9

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Nutrition House - Eaton Centre (Dundas)

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1 Dundas Street

Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H6

Erin Graham B.Sc.

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Toronto, Ontario M6R 1X6

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25 Baldwin Street

Toronto, Ontario M5T 1L1

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