Connecting with Horses

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November 08, 2015 By Victoria Sambleson

It's a very special moment when I get to see someone interact with a horse and make a connection for the first time.  The word that comes to mind is "magic".

That's what I get to do, I get to witness magic and I am honoured that the horses have invited me into their world.  I am forever changed for it and everyone that comes for a session is changed as well.  Some can't even define it in the moment.  It's only hours or days later that I receive an email from someone who has just participated in the magic.  The emails begin with with words like: "I can't believe what just happened ....or....  I'm struggling to put into words how I feel, I just know I feel different."

I am a Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning.  Through one-on-one interactions either individually, or in a group, people can experience the powerful insights these majestic animals have to share with us.  No horse experience is necessary and all activities are performed on the ground.

So what insights do these animals have to share with humans?

Through non-judgemental, encouraging, and loving feedback, horses have the power to show us who we really are. They help us connect with nature and our authentic self and assist us on a journey of self-discovery and personal development.  People learn to tap into their own inner spiritual wisdom and reflect that back out into their relationships and home life.  

Experiential Learning is the key to this work because it is an integrated approach to gaining intelligence.  When we learn by doing, our body remembers and we are more able to easily integrate the learning into our daily lives.  Through activities with the horses, people engage not only their physical body, but their emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  This allows for a more balanced and long-lasting personal development and self-discovery.

I encourage you to give it a try. What do you have to lose? Nothing.... but what you have to gain is magic.