Help & Healing on the Spiritual Path

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There is a Divine Power which is the essence of life, and it can heal. Bruno Groening (1906-1959), a simple German man, had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy, and through his teaching made it freely available to everyone, helping thousands of people. His teaching continues to be shared today through one of the world’s largest, non-profit organizations for spiritual healing, The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.


In 1949, near Munich, Germany, up to 30,000 people came to see Bruno Groening in hope of their own healing. Many healings began to happen as people in wheelchairs got up and walked, those with crutches threw them away and the blind regained their sight. Bruno Groening reminded those present of a Divine power that helps and heals. He said, “There is no incurable. God is the greatest physician!”

Today, healings like these are still occurring in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends and are documented by medical doctors who are members of the Medical Scientific Group. Two hundred of these reports are posted on the Bruno Groening website:

Dr. Gerhard Blaettner, MD from Germany recalls, “My own patients whom I had been treating for more than a decade, came to tell me about their healings through the teaching of Bruno Groening. I had applied all the possible medical treatments, but I had not been able to alleviate their chronic suffering.

Very sceptically at first, Dr. Blaettner was eventually completely convinced of the effectiveness of Bruno Groening’s teaching when his own wife was spontaneously healed from chronic arthritis. Since then, he has been presenting free public lectures on this subject all over the world.

Spiritual healing is not new, but modern medicine usually does not take it into serious consideration. However, when physicians who have received spiritual healing come forward to speak about it, the world pays attention. One such physician is Michele Galante, MD, a member of the Medical Scientific Group of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, who after suffering quite a few years with a serious heart condition, received a complete healing.

Bruno Groening never treated anyone, and therefore, did not heal them in the traditional medical sense. The healings took place as people consciously chose to re-establish their connection with God. Bruno Groening’s teaching is based on the influencing energy that spiritual forces have on human beings and all other life forms. This influence is much greater than most people realize. Mr. Groening said, “I give you the rules of the game of life, so that you can master life!” “Trust and believe that the Divine Power helps and heals.”

You can learn more about the teaching of Bruno Groening by attending a FREE information session. Please contact a Community in your local area.

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