My Favourite Relaxing Essential Oils

April 16, 2019


Aromatherapy is one of the simplest ways to ease some needed relaxation into your life. I love the simplicity of it. You just need to add a few drops to your pillow, bath water etc and viola you have a relaxing experience. Whether you suffer from anxiety or have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, essential oils can be used for a variety of reasons and ways.

Oils are categorized into three groups – relaxers, stimulants and balancers. They all have an important role to play in aromatherapy but my favourites are the relaxers for obvious reasons. Below are 5 of my favourite relaxers.

Lavender. We can’t talk about relaxation without mentioning lavender. It smells great and is soothing. One of the few oils loved by most everyone, it can enhance your quality of sleep. Try making a sachet to place under your pillow or somewhere close to your bed so you can smell that great scent as you drift off. Or make an eye bag. Just place some dried lavender in a small tube that you create or use a sock. Measurements should be around 4 x 9 inches. Add a few drops of oil, a grain such as oats, close and viola; you have an eye sachet. Place in fridge before using for about 30 minutes for a nice treat for your eyes.

Clary Sage. Again, this oil smells nice. It is great for helping with anxiety and menopausal issues. Use caution with it though. I once took a bath and added way too much, and felt very woozy after. Very woozy and very relaxed. It is also known as an aphrodisiac. What an interesting oil. Pour a nice warm tub, add about 10 drops, add some bath salts and relax. Lavender and Chamomile tea are optional.

Ylang Ylang. Yes, there is an oil called ylang ylang. This oil has such a unique and soothing scent, I love the smell. It is known for easing stress, anxiety and is mentally uplifting. A great way to use it is to just add to your shampoo. It will start your day off on the right foot and people will be trying to smell your hair all day.  Again, another great oil to mix with the bath water. Try also adding some Epsom salts, and relax.

Neroli. The scent is amazing! It is great for relaxation and helping to get rid of stress. It also helps in the battle to fight colds and flu etc. To fight a cold add a few drops to a tissue and take a few sniffs when needed throughout the day. This oil I would recommend using an oil burner or diffuser to get the full aroma.  Also, try adding to a bath to feel totally spoiled and relaxed.  It is absolutely one of my favourite oils of all time. Also reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

Rose. Rose is my personal favourite. I love to make soap with it. Because of the cost, some companies sell absolutes; the essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba. It still has the same great smell but less potent. Rose also helps with stress reduction and concentration because it relaxes the mind. Add it when making soap. If you are not able to make soap from scratch, get some great melt and pour soap from Michael’s, make a quick batch and add rose. Your body and mind will love you for it.

If you try any of these oils, I would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Send me an email at

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