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A Word On Shiatsu

We live in a high-tech world where we eat more, move less and accumulate aches and stress every day. Therefore we need to resolve the stress and the aches with methods other than the "handy" and often disastrous ones of resorting to drugs and pills.

One of the oldest healing arts in the world, shiatsu, was recognized by the Japanese as a legitimate healing therapy about seventy-five years ago. Its origins, though, go back to ancient times when women and the blind were massaging the body in order to heal and relax it.

This distinct form of massage was called anma and saw the body as a map - meridians which connected the organs through a flow of energy "ki" or "chi" - and meant to influence this energy through pressure at key points.

Later on, anma evolved into shiatsu (shi = finger, atsu = pressure) and it came to mean so much more. Indeed a healing art, shiatsu is a profession felt as much as learned and it works with the ability of the patient to activate his or her own body's innate power of healing. That means being "in touch".

A shiatsu therapist should directly experience the patient's "ki" and in order to heal, should intuitively understand, through touching the abdominal area (which displays all that happens in the body) the relationship between the physical and psychological factors influencing the disharmony.

Shiatsu is therefore unique. The practitioner feels compassion and care towards the individual so that through direct touch the pain is shared. In this way shiatsu celebrates the power of human contact, offering a sense of health and healing.

Physically, shiatsu means a manipulation of the body administered by thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and even feet and toes, without using any instrument, in order to correct internal malfunction, tune and maintain one's health.

Of course, today shiatsu is practiced world-wide in many different styles. I am now going to sketch a short profile of myself and the style I use.

I was born in Japan and as a young boy I walked on my grandparents' backs to relieve tension accumulated daily in their lives. I remember instantly becoming fascinated with the results.

Much later on I decided to study shiatsu formally in order to pursue it as a passion. I developed a unique deep tissue therapy to help relieve you from today's most common complaints such as sciatica, a kink between the shoulder blades, arthritic knee pain, constipation, high blood pressure etc..., in the simplest way - with my hands.

Through kneading, tapping and stretching I am able to help the ones who suffer to function better and eliminate the pain and irritation gradually, with long-lasting results. In my hands the body becomes relaxed, feels reinvigorated and energized.

Being faced with the problem of writing about what I do, my wife suggested that I call my clients to ask for their feedback. Here are a few of the testimonials from their overwhelming response:

"Yaz has a unique talent to transform one's entire being in the span of even one treatment. His touch is truly therapeutic on all levels: the muscles, organs, mind and spirit are all nurtured." -- Renita (singer)

"When Yaz is at work he is his work. He completely tunes in with your body and its needs." -- Sabine

"I'm an extra-large woman with arthritis and Parkinson's disease. By seeing Yaz weekly, I am able to walk with the aid of a walker and function almost normally." -- Reda McGilchrist

"Yaz is an excellent practitioner. His skill, his knowledge and intuition are exceptional." -- Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S.

"Yaz's work is an important part of the healing process for me as a recovering cancer patient." -- Rick Dance

"Great massage, great relaxation, great technique, great location and a great price! What else do you need?" -- David Sealy, Associate Director CBC TV Sports Network

I am honoured by my clientele's response and I can only hope to become better in order to help you.

Yaz Yamaguchi
(416) 892-1279