Inhale – Your Life Depends On It

January 11, 2011

Breathing. Most people do this over 20,000 times per day without being aware of it, but if they stopped, even for a short time, their full attention would be on taking that next breath. However, breathing isn’t just about filling the lungs with air; that’s only the first step. Just like fire needs oxygen to burn, each and every cell and organ in the body needs oxygen to function properly and survive. Oxygen plays a key roll in keeping the immune system healthy, provides 90% of our energy, and fuels the movement of muscles.

Healing can’t be achieved without proper levels of oxygen in the tissues and at a cellular level. As a result, doctors use oxygen therapy to support patients with a variety of illnesses, including respiratory and heart diseases, headaches, diabetic related eye disorders, and cystic fibrosis. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers facilitate the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, burns and crush injuries, soft tissue damage, and non-healing wounds.

In our health conscious society, many people continue to look for natural ways to maintain good health. However, medical grade oxygen, with an output of 95% or more pure oxygen, is only administered with a medical prescription under dire circumstances.

In the late 1990’s, oxygen bars popped up in North America. They were styled after the oxygen stations Japanese companies set up to keep their corporate associates healthy in spite of high air pollution rates. Today, supplemental oxygen is also offered by spas, beauty shops, and tanning salons interested in using natural products to help rejuvenate the body.

Providers of supplemental oxygen, which has an output under 90% pure oxygen, don’t make claims of medical cures or offer oxygen to people with medical conditions. Instead, they focus on the energizing benefits of recreational oxygen for healthy people, such as improved energy and alertness during the day and more restorative sleep at night. Relief from symptoms of headaches, jet lag, hangovers, and muscle pain are also highlighted. Chiropractor Dr. Drynan has found that “complimenting physical activity with supplemental oxygen can result in a quicker recovery from muscles stiffness, which is caused by a build up of lactic acid.” Oxygen may be inhaled, applied with a facemask, or sprayed directly onto the skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also boosts melanin levels, which increases tanning and reduces burning. Oxygen facials are usually given in conjunction with a regular facial. Supplemental oxygen compliments and enhances many of the existing services offered by a variety of personal care specialists. It is a natural way to help people look and feel well.

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Audrey van Troost is a freelance writer from the Niagara region in Ontario. She has personally experienced the benefits of using supplemental oxygen and finds that it boosts her energy and allows for deeper, more restful sleep. In particular, it assisted her in weaning off sleeping medication.