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Matrix Repatterning™

We have a lifetime of falls, accidents and injuries where we absorb significant amounts of energy into the body. We are fortunate that our bodies are incredibly efficient at addressing injury, though often this comes in the form of immediate compensation for those injuries, and not always a full healing of the tissues. Over time, we can find that pain surfaces seemingly from nowhere, or it takes very little to bring symptoms to the surface ie. bending down to tie a shoe. We have reached a point that the body’s ability to compromise for imbalance has been overstepped, and the body signals pain or dysfunction to let us know something is wrong.

Joints, muscles and ligaments are designed to give way when they are strained. They may be directly injured or become painful as a compensation for a restriction in a deeper denser structure. Denser structures, like internal organs and bones, absorb much more energy from impact than do the less dense body structures. This energy input can create strain either within these bony or organ tissues, or cause strain to the connective connective tissue that surrounds them. These strain patterns can cause a complex, interconnecting network of abnormal tension leading to many painful and imbalanced conditions of the body (see below). This distortion in the body can lead to changes in the efficiency of various physiological processes, and may contribute to some of the following conditions:

· headaches and migraines
· digestive complaints
· arthritis
· fibromyalgia
· instable joints (too much movement) or restricted joint movement
· foot dysfunction
· tinnitus (ear noise)
· sleep problems · pain in one or more sites of the body

Matrix Repatterning™ is a revolutionary new way of understanding the body, and works to restore optimum function and structural balance. Along with orthopaedic analysis of range of motion, neurological tests, muscle strength/tone and joint restrictions, we perform a specific Matrix Repatterning™ assessment to determine where primary sources of strain exist in the structure, and distinguish them from areas of secondary compensation. The site of pain is often not the primary source of the problem. Treatments are very gentle and involve the use of precise localized pressure (induction) or a gentle springing motion (recoil) to release restrictions. Dr. Brown might also use other forms of therapy to support the healing process, or to release scar tissue.

Dr. Barbara Brown, B.A., D.C. is a chiropractor practicing in the Bloor West Village of Toronto. She is a seminar teaching assistant of Matrix Repatterning. Her clinic, the Balance Health Centre, is a multidisciplinary clinic offering registered massage therapy with Jessamyn Nitsch, RMT, and naturopathic medicine with Carole Ma, N.D. For more information on our services, please call 416-762-4083