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Medical Infrared Thermography (Breast Thermography)

Early Breast Cancer Detection
Each year 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer. Through a simple procedure called thermal imaging, women can have their breasts thoroughly screened for early detection and peace of mind.

Breast Thermography provides vital information that can help detect signs of cancer, earlier than a physical exam or mammogram.

Breast Thermography is very accurate, pain free, and is not affected by breast size, shape, density, benign breast disease, surgical implants or reductions.

What is Medical Infrared Thermography?
Doctors have used temperature as an indicator of disease for centuries. Infrared Thermography is an advanced technology that creates a visual “map” of the heat patterns of the breast. Because cancer alters the breast temperature and blood supply, it produces signs which appear clearly on a thermal image. Our thermal imaging system scans the breasts using an ultrasensitive infrared camera that produces no radiation or breast compression. These images are analyzed by our experienced doctors using advanced computer technology to determine if the breasts appear to be at risk for disease. The result is a safe, comfortable, and accurate examination that can provide vital information regarding a woman’s breast health.

Vital Information for You and Your Doctor
* Breast Thermography can detect signs of cancer that are not seen on other examinations.
* Research shows significantly higher survival rates when Breast Thermography detected the first sign of a problem.
* An abnormal thermal image is considered the best predictor of future risk for breast cancer.
* It detects temperature changes in the breasts which may precede cancer by as much as 10 years.
* Scans may be performed as often as necessary without any risk or side effects.
* It can be used to help evaluate a suspicious lump.
* Thermal Breast Imaging detects signs of increased estrogen activity which is a risk factor for cancer.
* It is effective with women under 40, nursing mothers, women with fibro-cystic or large breasts, and women who have had implants or surgical reduction.
* It may be safely used with women who have already had radiation or chemotherapy.

Recommended Guidelines for Breast Thermography
1. Between 20-30 years old, exams every three years are recommended.
2. Yearly exams should be performed on women 30 and over.
3. As often as necessary for higher risk women.

Medical Infrared Thermography can also be helpful in defining other problems such as acute injuries, chronic pain, certain types of heart and circulatory problems, and nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, RSD, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, and more.

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Dr. Alexander Mostovoy, H.D., D.H.M.S.